HAIKOU, China, April 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Hainan GOVKING Group recently brought the new product of its formula brand GoldMax’s Love into a live broadcast studio in Haikou Integrated Free Trade Zone and the party secretary of the FTZ Lu Min showed up to promote the product.

GOVKING releases GoldMax’s Love grass-fed formula on live streaming platforms

“Choosing formula is the top priority of a family, and only the right one can provide healthy and safe nutrition for the baby,” Lu said.

The grass-fed milk powder product, jointly developed by GoldMax and Fonterra Co-operative Group, a well-known dairy company from New Zealand, will meet the high-end nutritional needs of Chinese consumers, according to Lu.

“Grass-fed milk powder follows the principle of natural and free-range breeding,” said Wu Suguo, president of GOVKING Group (GoldMax, New Zealand)….

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