To the person who wrote the original, we’d love to credit you…

When this first did the rounds on Twitter, the reaction of the team here at Adventure HQ went something like this: sharp intake of breath, closely followed by furious indignation and flashes of Beyoncé-style ‘Run the world’ ass-kicking fantasy montage (quickly dispelled, none of us quite have the legs for it TBH. Plus, you know, looked waaaay too sandy). Ending with awed appreciation as the penny cleverly drops at the end.

Why do we mention it? Because the theme for International Women’s Day 2020 is #EachforEqual, and working together to create a gender equal world. And women in travel are especially important to us. Plus, according to our partners, G Adventures, “Women make up over half of the tourism workforce, and yet they are often underpaid and have limited opportunities to move into higher…

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