We travel a lot, and we love to visit sights and attractions when we do so. Visitor attractions that charge entry fees may include museums, amusement parks, national parks, castles, historic buildings, zoos, experience based attractions, scenic city viewpoints, hop-on- hop-off buses, boat rides, and the like.

Many of these activities have an entry fee, and these can quickly add up. In fact, attraction entry often makes up a significant amount of our travel budget.

Over our years of travel, we have learned a lot about buying sightseeing and attraction tickets so we don’t spend any more money than we have to. Of course, we don’t mind paying to visit attractions, but we certainly prefer to let our budget stretch as far as possible!

In this guide, I’m going to share with you tips for getting the best deals when buying sightseeing. I’ll go through the options you have when it…

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