Weekend Road Trips from Mumbai

The Financial Capital of India is known for people worldwide, Mumbai where it is said that the city never sleeps, people running to catch their metro rail, sub-urban trains, Dalal street, the Taj hotel, Bollywood etc. However, as you are constantly in the run, you sometimes think of taking a break and thus you can go to have a bit of fun during your road trip.

Here are a couple of places where you can take a road trip from Mumbai to let go off the stress that it offers.

  1. Lonavala
    Known for its nature, beauty and amazing roads, Lonavala is one of the top tourist destination for many Mumbaikers. The road trip can be taken via Mumbai-Pune Expressway (all vehicles except 2 wheelers) and Old Mumbai-Pune expressway (2 wheelers allowed) to reach Lonavala. Known for its green surroundings, forts,…

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