Vivo a brand from Vivo Electronics Corp, a Chinese smartphone maker recently unveiled their new range of phone called x50. The x50 is a premium mid-range phone with 5G connectivity and x50+ has the fastest snapdragon 865. Announced on 1st June 2020 Vivo has its share of one of the makers of smartphone that is affordable to consumers.

Coming to their new x50 range of smartphones is one of the first smartphones which employs a gimbal system of camera stabilization which is pioneering the feature for the entire smartphone industry. This feature in the camera of x50 range of Vivo cellphones is one of the best in case of capturing images and videos.

The Vivo x50 is a dual-glass smartphone. It weighs at 174.5gms and has a dimension of 159.5 x 75.4 x 7.6 mm. The build quality of Vivo x50 is a glass front, glass back and an aluminium frame. The phone features AMOLED display with…

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