Gujarat is a vast state and there are many places to visit, unfortunately, one tends to visit some of the known and famous places and they ignore some places which are not mentioned on the list of places to visit. If you want to visit Gujarat one needs to search on the internet a lot and try to find some places which are not frequently mentioned. With this being said, I have listed down some of the places which one can visit on their tour of Gujarat and also these places do not have many tourists than those mentioned in various other blogs.

a) The Dinosaur Museum, Raioli village

Having India’s own Jurassic Park, The Dinosaur Museum is one of the places to visit. It is said that dinosaurs such as T-Rex, Megalosaurus and Stegosaurus once roamed these places over 65 million years ago and now we can witness a museum which has fossils and bones of these dinosaurs. Set up by…

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