I’ve been a Vanguard ambassador since 2014, and have used and reviewed a number of the tripods and camera bags over the years.

Recently, they asked me if I’d like to try out the Vanguard VEO 3+ 263AB tripod, which marks a new direction for Vanguard’s VEO line. So, despite it not being a travel tripod, I was keen to have a play with it and see what it was all about.

As you’ll see, a lot has changed with this tripod compared to other tripods in the VEO range. Before we get started with the review, let me bring you up to speed. Because I know that not everyone has a wardrobe full of tripods.

A History of the VEO tripod range

Vanguard launched the first VEO tripod back in 2015 as part of a new range of products (tripods and bags), aimed at the traveling photographer. The goal with the VEO tripod was to create a lightweight and portable travel tripod at an affordable price point…

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