Located in Visayan in the Philippines, Dumaguete City is also known as ‘The City of Gentle People’ probably because of how friendly its inhabitants are. The city is home to around 120,000 people and the capital of the Negros Oriental Province. There are four universities in the city, which makes it an educational destination for local and international students. One of the universities in the Silliman University, the first-ever American and Protestant university in the whole of Asia. In terms of location, Dumaguete City is located in the central region of Visayan, which is ideal for anyone looking to explore the northern Philippines. It is also close to other islands and beaches.

If you are planning to visit Dumaguete City, here are the 10 best hotels you can stay in.

10 best Hotels in Dumaguete

Rovira Suites

Rovira Suites Hotel Dumaguete City


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