It was 2 a.m. I was just about to put on Family Guy and call it a night when our team in Pakistan sent word that there was a delay with the deployment of features on the website I am currently in task of managing.

Summer in Balesin

“Please, not this again,” I thought to myself as I put on glasses and started sending updates to the bosses: “The error is in a library react-dom; it might be a missed parameter. We’ll test out both the UAT and production server tonight.”

It is during times like these that I miss the old normal. Work was just as stressful then, but at least we had places to go to when things got heavy. Now, every day feels like an endless routine of monotony.

Sunset in Guimaras
Sunset in Guimaras

Just when did it become so easy to believe that tomorrow will be as today?

I remember all the midnight flights I had to endure simply because the tickets were slightly…

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