One of the perks of being in lockdown, is all the extra time we have to do all the things we say we never had time to do before. (Say that one quickly). Yoga, baking, binge watching the latest season of Money Heist in 48 hours.

We’re not ignoring those classic films like The Beach, Mamma Mia or Eat, Pray, Love that all did a great job of making us want to visit Thailand, the Greek Islands or have us dreaming of finding ourselves like Julia Roberts in Italy, Bali and India. However, here are six of our current quaranstream favourites that will help to keep your wanderlust alive – from your couch.


Destination: Fiji

Although we all feel a little like Tom Hanks right now (isolated and potentially making friends with inanimate objects), Castaway was actually filmed on a beautiful island in Fiji and was one of the reasons behind a spike in visitors to the island…

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