As the heart of Thailand, Bangkok is the epitome of Thai culture and commerce. Thailand is brimming with famous tourist destinations, from the famed Chatuchak Market to large malls like the Siam Paragon Mall. Being a predominantly Buddhist country, there are also lots of statues and religious buildings dedicated to Buddhism, like the Golden Reclining Buddha. Aside from these tourist destinations, Bangkok is also famous for its food. Undoubtedly, Bangkok street food is dubbed to be the best in Asia. Not to mention, the unique and delicious tastes of Thai cuisine.

BEST Airbnbs in Bangkok for your next holiday

While there are lots of hotels and resorts that can provide great accommodation for you, another much cheaper option is to rent out Airbnbs and experience authentic Bangkok hospital first-hand.

In this list are 8 of the best Airbnbs in Bangkok that you should…

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