Antipolo City, Philippines — If I were to describe Antipolo, it would certainly be… strange. Strange but mesmerizing. It’s always been a wonder why Antipolo is considered to be a city by normal standards, but it overlaps with nature. Tourism in Antipolo is a weird mingling of cave formations, Catholic faith, and delicious Filipino foods.

Best Airbnb Vacation Rentals in Antipolo City

Antipolo City is strange for its overlap of nature and city life. Not to mention, there are lots of ghost stories surrounding Antipolo that are easily overheard in the city and nearby areas.

While there are quite a lot of hotels and resorts in Antipolo, another excellent accommodation option that you should look into are Airbnbs. The main feature that is found in Airbnbs that are not found in anywhere else is that if you’re lucky, you can have a whole home/villa all to yourself!…

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