California, USA — The vibrant city of Los Angeles is famous around the world for many reasons! It has unique and iconic landmarks, plenty of fascinating restaurants, and a myriad of gorgeous beaches. It is here that you’ll see the exemplary Hollywood, the Universal Studios, and the exhilarating Disneyland Resort. If water activities are your cup of tea, you will love L.A.’s Venice Beach and Malibu Lagoon.

Top Airbnb Vacation Rentals In Los Angeles

Apart from the stellar landmarks, Los Angeles is also known as the global capital of the entertainment industry. It is the hub for many creative industries, where artists of varying mediums flourish.

If you think that the term ‘Los Angeles’ sounds quite Spanish, you are right. The city was founded by Spain and today, we can only get mesmerized by what its name stands for—the angels. If you want to live the best…

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