10 of The Best Airbnb Deals in Ubatuba, Brazil

Brazil is bountiful in breath-taking landscapes and mesmerizing seascapes. Due to the popularity of its touristy destinations, chances are you would’ve already heard of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo. If you want to explore this country in greater length, a visit to Ubatuba will prove to be entrancing.

Beach in Ubatuba Brazil

The municipality of Ubatuba in Sao Paolo is full of energy and variety. Some of the places you will look forward to are the Ubatuba Aquarium, Automobile Museum, and the shopping boutiques.

The beaches in this part of the country are also one of the best. Ubatuba’s name hails from the words ‘uyba’, meaning canoes, and ‘tuba,’ which means many.

If you want to wake up to the most stellar views, these Airbnb listings are a must-see:

Vista panorâmica – Vacation Rental with Panoramic view

Airbnb Vacation Rental with Panoramic view in Ubatuba Brazil

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