Lombok is a beautiful island secluded at the heart of Indonesia. It’s a tropical paradise that features boundless white sands and vibrant beaches. If Bali has won your heart, it’s sister island will surely captivate your soul. Apart from the idyllic waters, Lombok also has many interesting temples you’d love to go to and various traditional festivals worth your attendance. If you’ve got a big appetite for adventure, this island will help you tick off items from your bucket list. Lombok is a highly touristy place without much tourist attention. If this sounds perfect for you, these are the best accommodations waiting for you in Lombok:

Amazing Bamboo Bungalow in Gerupuk!

Bamboo Airbnb Bungalow in Gerupuk
Bamboo Hut Airbnb for Surfers in Lombok
Bamboo Hut Airbnb for Surfers in Lombok

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This top-rating bungalow is no less than unique. With a stellar architecture and fabulous…

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