It’s only been about two weeks since the enhanced community quarantine was fully implemented in the country, but we’re willing to bet that like us, you too must be running out of things to do with all the free time on your hands. Because while most of us are still working from the comforts of our home, let’s be real—things are different and time seem to have been going by way slower now that we literally don’t get to go anywhere else.

We’re all dreaming of the great outdoors, but while stepping out of the house is not a valid option right now, we think it’s a great time to brush up on both fashion and movie history. Below, we list 10 films that made classic Ray-Ban eyewear styles the icons they are today—and trust us when we say these movies are all worth adding to your home quarantine watch list.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s: The Wayfarer

Breakfast at…

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