The Mystery of the Easter Island Heads

Easter Island also called Rapa Nui reflects a mysterious history that has absolutely no written proof. It is known that a group of Polynesians somehow navigated to this tiny speck of land amid the great pacific ocean, some 2000 miles from the coast of Chile.

The Mystery of Easter Island

The Polynesian dwellers of this island carved 900 statues with a distinct structure consisting of head and torso. These mysterious statues of Easter Island are popularly known as Moai which are scattered around the whole of Rapa Nui Island.

Interestingly, the visitors are left wondering how the Rapa Nuis’ managed to move the Moais around the island as they weigh 14 tons and are as high as 13 feet!

Sunrise in Easter Island
Sunrise in Rapa Nui

How to get there?

Because of its location, the travelers must have appropriate information and plans while traveling to Easter…

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