SEOUL, South Korea, July 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Incheon, the gateway city of Korea, introduced healing urban spaces of its city through ‘Incheonjichang’, summer edition, 2020.

Seokmodo Arboretum

‘Incheonjichang’ is a newspaper in the Chinese language, published by the city government of Incheon to attract international travelers. This summer’s edition features 4 notable nature spots in urban settings.

First, ‘Seokmodo Arboretum’ is a tourist attraction where one can enjoy the ocean and forest at the same time. Featuring pristine terrains and sceneries, tourists can soak in the beauty of Gangwhado. Walk the trail through the rich forest full of native plants and fall in love with the subtle charm of Seokmodo.

‘Incheon Grand Park Arboretum’ exhibits and conserves Incheon’s native plants from the land and the seascape. It offers exotic experience…

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