Seagulls, waves crashing, fireworks, amusement parks… Ahh the sweet sounds of summer in the great ol’ US of A. From coast to coast you’ll find iconic boardwalks and piers that will bring so much more than sand to your next vacation. Here’s our top picks: 

For the East Coast lovers

Myrtle Beach 

What to do: Whether you’re looking to try a zipline and thrill rides like a Log Flume, try your hand at winning some prizes at the arcade, attempt an escape room or hit the shops Myrtle Beach has it all.   

What to eat: Stuff your face with some seafood at Rockefeller’s Raw Bar or head out on a food & sightseeing tour. 

Can’t Miss: The 187-foot-tall Sky Wheel – it’s the boardwalk’s main attraction! 

Virginia Beach 

What to do: Virginia Beach, or VB if you’re around the locals, has everything you could want on a boardwalk… from the…

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