Teofilo Garcia: “tabúngaw” Maker from Abra

After spending overnight in Vigan, we continued our PHILTOA Grand North Luzon Fun Caravan by proceeding to a road less traveled destination — Abra. From Vigan, it took us an hour and a half to reach the town of Bangued.

Tangadan Tunnel in Abra Province

Our first stop was at the humble home of Teofilo Garcia – one of the country’s National Living Treasure and we were able to have in-depth information on his personal life and timeless craft.

About Teofilo Garcia

In case you’re wondering what Tabungaw is, it’s an Ilocano term for “Upo”, also known as Bottle Gourd or White Pumpkin. Teofila Garcia, on the other hand, is known to be the last of the Tabungaw hat makers, a traditional headgear made of tabungaw or gourd.

Kattukong or Tabungaw hat from Abra
Kattukong or Tabungaw hat from Abra

Born on March 27, 1941, Teofilo, an Abra local started the…

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