The Animation Alley in Taiwan that is famous for its street art depicting popular anime and cartoon characters is located in Taichung City, a bustling metropolis renowned for its extensive night markets and is the country’s third-largest city.

A huge dedication to Super Mario

Taichung street art

Taiwan street art is incredible, and Taichung houses many colorful neighborhoods as well. Take the famous Rainbow Village, for example, which tops the itinerary of any quick visit to Taichung. The graffitis at Qianyue Building is also not far off.

But alas, for anime and cartoon lovers, our gold is on the Animation Alley.

The colorful Animation Alley

Located on a set of narrow alleys in downtown Taichung is this fun street art destined to steal the hearts of anime and cartoon fans. It’s actually pretty easy to miss, but once you see the Totoro bus stop, you’re…

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