SINGAPORE, April 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Stay in, get paid. People under social distancing are now eligible for rewards in exchange for checking in safe at home, a new app feature launched by Triip to support a world staying in.

In response to the March 25 call for action by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, Triip created the Stay Home Heroes initiative to support homebound travelers and give them a chance to earn toward their future travels.

Triip hopes users who partner with us on the Stay Home Heroes initiative see their growing travel balance and the wide menu of travel products it can buy and realize there is an end to this. When that point is reached, Triip will be there to help its users rediscover a healed world.

As the company writes this, an estimated third of the global population has been ordered to stay home.

Across the world, local and…

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