Manila, Philippines — Craving for your favorite Shake Shack Burger? Shake Shack is finally selling DIY ShackBurger Kits to satisfy your hankering for a fresh, hot, and tasty burgers.

The past few weeks have seen all of us staying at or working from home and preparing our own meals. It’s fun, safe, and fulfilling and yes, we’ve all become ECQ-ooks in our own right! ?

Manila fans can now enjoy Shake Shack’s DIY Burger Kits

We’re excited to share with you that you can now add the iconic ShackBurger to your list of homemade meals with ShackBurger DIY Kits.

DIY ShackBurger Kit
DIY ShackBurger Kit

Priced at P1,600, the DIY ShackBurger Kit will include 8 servings of patties made with our custom blend of 100% Angus beef with no added hormones or antibiotics, Martin’s Potato Rolls, American cheese and our secret Shack Sauce. The kits can be directly ordered via online contact form….

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