Santa on a bike who pedals around the city to make children happy

Manila, Philippines – The year has been rough and challenging for everyone. But while some people seem to have lost hope, there are individuals who go above and beyond to touch lives and deliver happiness in the best way that they can.

: Tatay Joey Belo proves how one can dedicate his life to be a blessing to others as he takes happiness and joy to kids in the streets with his makeshift bike camper. (Photo was taken from Bike Camper JBelo’s social media page)

Such is the motivation behind Joey Belo’s advocacy of bringing joy to the street children and inspiring the online community. The 59-year-old cyclist is the content creator behind the YouTube channel Bike Camper JBelo, which is more than just a travel vlog. In his videos, the biker is seen pedaling in the city and stopping to surprise homeless…

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