Pune a city in the Indian state of Maharashtra is gaining popularity off lately. Once a town known for its culture and food, now it is becoming a tech giant, a music capital and a town that is having a laid back attitude. However, laid back it is, people still go on road trips from the city and here are some of the places where you can go on a road trip to these places nearby to Pune.

MulshiMulshi is located around 50kms from Pune and has grown popular in recent times for its breathtaking views of hills and surroundings. Quiet famous for its Mulshi Dam, Mulshi Valley is known to provide you with quiet and picturesque surroundings and will make your day turn bright with what its nature has to offer you.

It is a short day trip route which is scenic and also you can have a good time visiting this place as the road here is amazing with picturesque surroundings and also many…

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