Road Trips from Bangalore that one can visit when the lockdown is eased

Once the lockdown is eased, Road Trips are some of way where one will travel from a place to place.  People will not trust travelling in public tourist as the fear of Coronavirus still grips one travel plans. Hence, as a day trip, one can visit these places to free their mind after days of spending at home.

  1. SkandagiriA famous hill located around 2-hour drive from Bangalore, Skandagiri near Chikballapur is famous for its trek. Many people climb this as a night trek where you can notice magnificent sunrise in the morning. Many trekkers start their journey to climb the peak from 2 am and by the time they reach it would be a moment of sunrise where they witness and start their descent down.  Make sure you visit this popular place and ease your mind after…

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