Apple’s AirPods arrived on the scene to much fanfare in 2016, and since then the market for wireless earbuds has exploded, along with cheaper alternatives offered by competitors such as Soundpeats.

TRUENGINE 3SE and TRUEFREE 2 packaging sleeves

Digital Walker, the country’s largest retailer of premium gadgets and accessories, recently sent two of the company’s flagship products, the Truefree 2 and Truengine 3SE, to #TeamOutOfTown for a review. Here’s what we (honestly) think:

First impressions

Full disclaimer: I’ve always been a little outdated when it comes to new technology trends—I bought an iPhone 6S Plus way back in 2018 when the talk of the town was the latest iPhone XRs and XSs. Now the rage is all about wireless earbuds and, thanks to my editor, Melo, I finally get to try them.

Soundpeats TRUEFREE 2 Gadget Review
Soundpeats TRUEFREE 2 Gadget Review

The Soundpeats boxes delivered to…

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