Australia, the continent and one of the top tourist destinations is one of the places where only some parts of it are tourist-friendly. The country offers top-notch tourist destinations and you can visit to explore the land of marsupial’s i.e, kangaroos, wildlife and beaches. Here are some places in Western Australia which you need to visit on your trip to Australia

Rottnest Island

Located just 30-minute ferry ride from Perth, Rottnest Island is the home to quokkas, the animals which have a smile on their faces. The Island is small and can be visited and toured via Bicycle.

You can tour the well-preserved nature, take a selfie with a quokka and explore the beaches which Australia is famous for.

Explore Pinnacles DesertLocated just 2 hours away from Perth, Pinnacle Desert is known for its quirky landscape.  This is a stretch of desert which is located near to Perth is one…

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