A place is literally untouched by mass tourism, a place where you find the peacefulness and calmness, a place where you get to notice the local tribes and their habitats is Bodoland. An autonomous place in Assam, Bodoland is the place which most people might have not heard, however, Bodoland offers various places of tourist attraction which one can visit while you explore the amazing place.

Nestled in greenery bordering Bhutan, Bodoland is the land of Bodos, an indigenous tribe. A land untouched for tourism for various decades are now welcoming tourists recently and they showcase us how truly nature and its surroundings is. During my recent trip to Bodoland as part of ambassador visit to Bodoland, I explored some of the places that are apt for tourism and I wish to let you know what all places which can be visited while you plan your trip to Bodoland.

Manas National…

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