OnePlus Communications founded in 2013 has released various premium segment phones for over the years and as similar to previous years, they have released the premium phone this year and named as OnePlus 8 and it’s Pro version as OnePlus 8 Pro. They have released over 11 phones which are most trusted phones in the market. The characteristic features of OnePlus devices are they introduce Ultra High Specification phones which are usually found in premium models in any other phones in their flagship phones.

Macrotraveller being one of the ardent followers of OnePlus range of smartphones have tried the OnePlus 8 pro version of a premium phone. This phone was launched in India in April 2020. They have released 2 versions of the phones with 128GB and 256GB memory.

OnePlus 8 Pro has a host list of new updates which one can be excited when they start using. That includes…

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