No More Free Entry for Indians to Bhutan

Earlier this morning, the Royal Government of Bhutan announced that tourists from India, Bangladesh and Maldives have to cough up around 17$ per day as the Sustainable Development Fee.

This move brought an end to decades-long free entry of Indians to the majestic country of Bhutan where people use Happiness as Index. The Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) has been in a place for many of foreign nationals who wish to explore the beautiful country of Bhutan however, tourists apart from India, Bangladesh and Maldives had to pay around 65$ for SDF and cover charge of 250$ per day.

No More Free Entry for Indians to Bhutan-00003

The fee for Indians, Bangladeshis’ and Maldivians are comparatively lower than their counterparts. Indian’s mainly travel to the developed western regions of Bhutan, however, the government is…

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