A few hours before midnight, we got picked up from our hotel in Bangkok for a chance to experience the city in a way we wouldn’t have otherwise.

Our day had started with one of the most popular spots in the city (the Grand Palace, Khlongs and Wat Arun – see it all here) but one of the best ways to truly enjoy a city is to go where the locals go which is perhaps why I enjoyed this evening bit so much.

See, this evening, we would be off on a food tour and to be perfectly honest, I’m typically a bit wary of food tours.

I’ve been on some really amazing ones but food tours can also be a bit “Meh!”. I think both the guide and the actual places you go to get the food makes such a huge difference and if even one of them isn’t quite right, it’s so easy to find yourself stuck in hours of tedium. If both, however, are right – then you’re in for…

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