Traveling to Hawaii is always easy in terms of identifying the bucket list places to go. One of the most popular destinations in the state of Hawaii is Maui, the second largest island in Hawaii and 17th largest in the whole of the United States. The island is famous for its striking beaches, dramatic landscapes, and beautiful climate throughout the year. Maui is located on the western side of the Big Island and is separated by the Alenuihaha Channel. It covers 1797 square kilometers with more than 190 kilometers stretches of coastline. Maui is one of the most visited islands in Hawaii.

Maui Volcano Best Things to Do in Maui

The hilly landscape of the island creates weather variations all-year-round. The high temperatures are around 30 degrees Celsius and lows 16 degrees Celsius. The weather and unique landscapes make Maui a dream destination for every traveler.


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