On 15th of August 2020 when India celebrated it’s 74th Independence Day, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mr Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced that state government will develop Ram van Gaman path and Ramayan Circuit in his state. As per the proposal, the circuit will be built from Chitrakoot to Amarkantak as this is believed to be the path taken by Lord Ram on his way to exile.

After the flag hoisting ceremony, the CM said “We will develop Ram Gaman Path, Ramayan Circuit, Amarkantak Circuit, Tirthankar Circuit, Maa Narmada Parikrama, etc, so that tourism activities can be developed in the state. This will also generate employment,” He also added that Narmada Expressway will be developed along the areas of River Narmada, industrial clusters along the path of River Narmada will also be developed to increase tourism and employment and also to make the state prosperous.


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