In my last blog, I explained how I started the fitness journey in an overview. This blog I will explain about the food which I started to change which is different from what I used to crave before I started the journey.

Before my fitness journey, I used to binge eat and Maggie, pizza, burger were my staple diet. Do you believe that I used to gorge on Maggie at 2 in the night? Yes, my unusual sleep cycle, fried foods, fat-based foods and foods that were difficult to digest were my companions.

This made me lose my fitness and also my mental stability and also gained weight increasing my waist size. I remember getting an XXXL sized dress which at the time was comfortable for me. Although the trendy stores did not have plus-sized clothes that fit me, I sometimes tailor-made my own clothes. This was my routine and one fine day, I taught why, how and when questions passed my…

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