The annual Starbucks Christmas Tradition sparks joy with the 2021 Starbucks Planners and Organizers

Starbucks has always believed in the power of coffee and art to spark meaningful connections between people and their communities. Through craftwork, the creative stories passed on from growers to roasters, and baristas to customers, remain to live in people’s collective memory.

Starbucks Philippines 2021 planners, organizers

This holiday season, Starbucks brings to life the stories behind its brand through the 2021 Starbucks Planners and Organizers. Featuring four (4) Philippine-exclusive designs, the new Starbucks Philippines Planners and Organizers serve as a fresh canvas for people to chronicle dreams, hopes, and whims, as they Carry The Merry into a brighter year ahead.

Carry The Merry is an invitation of Starbucks for people to celebrate life’s gratefulness…

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