What are the top tourist attractions to visit in Kagoshima, Japan?

Japan is divided into eight regions, which branch out to 47 prefectures. The city of Kagoshima is the capital of Kagoshima Prefecture, belonging to the Kyushu region. This beautiful city is often compared to Naples, an Italian city because they share a similarly mild climate while being home to a scenic stratovolcano. Sakurajima is to Japan’s Kagoshima, while Mount Vesuvius is to Italy’s Naples.

Kyogetsu-Tei – Best Things to do in Kagoshima photo by Sanjo via Wikipedia CC

The city of Kagoshima is home to a distinct dialect called Satsug? or the Kagoshima dialect. This part of Japan is, without a doubt, home to many yet to be explored wonders, and on this list, you shall find out the best things to do in this wonderful city.

Learn about black vinegar-making

Kagoshima Black Vinegar Making photo via Kagoshima Travel Guide FB Page
Kagoshima Black Vinegar Making photo…

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