Okay so because we arrived in Bangkok at night, I never got round to showing you our hotel so I’ll just start off with that now. ?

We stayed at the LiT BANGKOK Hotel for the first couple of night in the city and it was brilliant!

I thought I took photos by the pool on my phone (there are a couple of pools here) but I can’t seem to find them anywhere.

We actually spent the entire next day doing nothing but chilling by the pool with cocktails and having massages in the spa! It was the perfect lazy day and was absolutely brilliant because downtime like that just has you raring to go the next day. Much better than packing it all in and being too exhausted to properly appreciate what you were doing.

The next morning, we would be heading up north, and out of Bangkok to Ayutthaya, an ancient city with centuries of history, which was, once upon a time the…

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