Manila, Philippines – Having a cup of coffee is everyone’s usual go-to drink to start the day and having several more cups to stay awake especially at home where everyone needs that extra push to get work done. But for non-coffee drinkers, whether it’s to avoid too much caffeine or they’re not into the bitter taste, tea is a good alternative so we’ve rounded up some tea favorites from TWG Tea and Marks & Spencer to help you pick the perfect variant.


We all need a sip of something to wake us up in the morning, right? Marks & Spencer recommends their organic Pure Green Tea, which is just as effective as coffee in giving you that early boost but has a crisp, light, and fragrant aroma.

Marks & Spencer Pure Green Tea, P135

TWG Tea’s classic English Breakfast Tea is also perfect for early mornings. It was originally blended as an accompaniment to the…

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