Going island hopping the next day meant that we had to get up earlier than I’d perhaps have liked on holidays but the idea of sailing through some of the most beautiful parts of Croatia was more than enough motivation to excitedly jump out of bed and hurry downstairs for breakfast.

The sun was already out in full force (even that early in the morning) though with no breeze in the air, the sea was almost glass-like.

Island Hopping In Croatia (2)

We excited piled onto our boat and before long headed off in search of Croatia’s beauties.

Island Hopping In Croatia (4)

Our first stop was a brief visit to a cave which used to be for the military but is now home to fisherman (who you can still see during the day just going about their business)…

Island Hopping In Croatia (3)

Our next stop was Hvar, a quick whistlestop but not so quick that we didn’t get a chance to fall for the charms of this gorgeous city.

Island Hopping In Croatia (5)

Island Hopping In Croatia (9)

Island Hopping In Croatia (6)

In it’s time, Hvar has been…

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