The Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain, is one of the most beautiful Islamic palaces in the world. This fascinating tourist attraction has gone through a lot throughout history. It was initially built by the Muslim kings of Granada during the longest-reigning Islamic dynasty, the Nasrid. Being on a plateau that’s concealed by the lush forests and towering mountains, this fortress was initially constructed around the 1200s as a military base. This citadel served a long lineage of Muslim rulers from Mohammed I, also known as Ibn al-A?mar, all the way to Mohamed XII’s reign.

Interesting Facts about Alhambra Palace

When the then King of Aragon and Queen of Castille ended the Islamic rule over Granada in the 1400s, a large portion of Alhambra was ruined, removed, and destroyed. In the 1500s, the new King of Spain ordered the rebuilding of Alhambra into a more…

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