In recent years, Incheon has carved a reputation as a great model for building a smart city. For this reason, the city is always welcoming people from all over the world coming to visit for different reasons including business and leisure. Location-wise, Incheon is located along the shores of the Yellow Sea and within the Seoul Metropolitan Area and even uses the same metro network. Incheon is a tech and industrial city and pride itself as home to the only Chinatown in South Korea.

Things to Do in Incheon

The city of Incheon is growing at a startling rate, thanks to the hi-tech Songdo International Business District, a smart city built from the scratch on 600 hectares of reclaimed land along the shores of the Yellow Sea.

When it comes to vacation destination within the Incheon, the city is a departure point for a collection of 168 atolls, some of which are linked to…

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