It is easy to lose ourselves in the drift of everyday life. Life seems to be full of disruptions and sharp edges: the bustle of the city, the harsh noise of traffic, the stress brought upon by work, the mass media that we have no choice but to consume. In this light, life is dull and gray, slowly fading away.

Inside a boathouse in Kerala

In a land baptized as God’s Own Country, life runs in the opposite direction: it is magnificent, vibrant and awakening.

Life in Kerala is dynamic and beautiful. It is a land where humans are one with earth; the energy running through the tectonic plates, the wind that carries the secrets of the forest, the energy that flows through your very veins—they are one and the same.

The Magnificence of Kerala: Human

They are diverse.

While Kerala is naturally beautiful with stunning views and breathtaking scenes, the true highlight of…

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