The Mini Suites Eton Tower Review: A hotel oozing with a refreshing vibe and welcomes newcomers with exuberant hospitality

I love staycations. Who doesn’t, right? Recently, along with a fellow blogger, I was invited for a one-night stay at one of the finest hotels in Makati. Although I was still a bit tired from an early morning flight to Manila, I’m glad I was able to fix my errands and made it for a late afternoon check-in at the hotel – at the Mini Suites Eton Tower.

Welcome Kit at The Mini Suites Eton Tower Makati

The last time I set foot on this hotel was a few years ago when I first met Nas – the famous vlogger behind the Nas Daily Vlog. This is where he stayed on his first visit to the Philippines. It was newly opened back then but what makes this place nostalgic is its location. My very first 8-5 job was located on the same block, right next to Rufino…

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