Los Angeles, USA – Hollywood is one of the most remarkable places in the United States. It has a myriad of unique attractions and plenty of fun things to do! Being the entertainment capital of the world, it exudes a glamorous lifestyle, several amusement options, and the most delectable restaurant menus.

Things to do and see in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA by Jake Blucker via Unsplash

If you’re wondering where Hollywood got its name, it was borne out of the most random circumstance. Surprising, isn’t it? The real estate magnate, H.J. Whitley, was the owner of a 500-acre land in California known today as the Hollywood. He was standing on a hill in 1886 when a passerby from China stopped and explained that he was hauling wood. This Hollywood-sounding remark, would, later on, help shape a great neighborhood and a profoundly compelling industry in the U.S.

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