Welcome to Hamburg, the city with more or less 2,500 bridges! It can single-handedly surpass the combined number of bridges in Venice, Amsterdam, and London. The fact that around 8% of its area is covered by water makes it an even more exciting city with lots of unique experiences to offer.

Best Things to Do in Hamburg, Germany

In this city alone, there are at least fifteen activities that can make your holiday the most memorable vacation ever.

Try Stand-up paddling in Hamburg

Stand-up paddling in Hamburg
Stand-up paddling in Hamburg

Hamburg is rich in steady waterways, and this makes an idyllic venue for many safe water activities. Paddleboarding is easy to learn! You can sit, kneel, or stand as you paddle your way through the canals of this beautiful city. There are around 22 canals in Alster Lake alone, which makes it a perfect venue for this activity. Once you’re at the lake’s land area,…

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