For many people, a trip to South Korea usually involves itineraries that include the capital Seoul and if time permits a short trip to Busan, Daegu, or Incheon. My point is, a few people know about other great cities in South Korea with a lot to offer. Seoul is a beautiful city, don’t get me wrong. It has plenty of attractions that might take you weeks to see all, but sometimes it is good to break the rut and instead of booking a flight to the capital, head to the Honam region. Here you will find a city called Gwangju, which means “light province.”

Gwangju is usually overlooked and underrated in terms of travel, but don’t be fooled, it has lots to offer. And that is what we are going to look at today.

Best Things to Do in Gwangju

Gwangju National Museum

Gwangju National Museum photo By Leedkmn – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

If you are new to the city, it…

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