You’ll find the city of Granada in Southern Spain. Many tourists have fallen under its spellbinding beauty and culture. If you want to know more, seeing Granada personally will prove to be one of your best experiences. Be enchanted by Spain’s jewel as you do at least these eight things in this stunning city:

Stroll at the world-famous fortress in Alhambra

Beautiful Palace in Granada Spain by Austin Gardner via Unsplash
Alhambra Palace Sunset
Alhambra Palace Sunset

Alhambra is a palace and complex vast enough to have beautiful gardens and magnificent views. It showcases the best of Arabian art and architecture during its time. It’s historical, yet timeless beauty continues to inspire and mesmerize the tourists of today.

Take a picture with pretty Arabian houses in the backdrop.

Arab Houses in Granada
Arab Houses in Granada

On a hillside adjacent to the famous Alhambra is the narrow streets of Albaycin. If…

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