it may sound surprising for many, but it’s the truth. One of the popular beach destinations in India Goa has been declared as the vegan-friendly state of the year 2020 by People of Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). 

One of the country’s top tourism destinations, #Goa, has been recognized by People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (@PetaIndia) as India’s “most #vegan-friendly state” for the year 2020, an official statement said on Saturday. Said a statement from PETA INDIA on its twitter account.

On Saturday PETA India also felicitated Chief Minister Pramod Sawant for providing a vegan-friendly environment in the state where both humans and animals can thrive.

“Goa is quickly becoming a top dining destination for the increasing number of people interested in the healthy and cruelty-free fare. PETA India is recognizing Goa for leading by example and…

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