Our next stop in Quebec involved us ‘getting lost’ in nature and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for it.

Given as it was in autumn, the weather has been a bit cool for the past few days but for some reason, on this one day, it just got ridiculously warm.

Like, warm enough that the ladybugs were out flying everywhere – which is apparently a thing that happens when they’d been getting ready for the cold but suddenly get a warm and sunny day. It seems like a mundane thing to mention but they were everywhere! Like millions of them!

But I digress… Anyway, on this day, we left Auberge and its pretty lake and headed over to the forests of Montcalm Regional Park where would be staying with Amishk Aventures Amériendiennes, a First Nations site where you get an interesting insight into how the nomadic First Nations people of Quebec live.

Getting Lost In Nature (And With Beavers) In Quebec, Canada (9)

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